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Posted: 28 Dec 2022

This post is a collection of symbols for myself. It's exactly as self-centered as it sounds.


Using IPA my name is pronounced: rʉ́wpət məˈkaɪ


Here's a headshot of me. It was taken some time around 2018 or 2019.

A headshot of Rupert Foggo McKay

And here's another which has been roughly cropped. I upload this as a custom emoji everywhere I can 😄

A headshot of Rupert Foggo McKay


The following glyph is a representation of "RM" using Morse code. I use it in a couple places as a little visual break throughout this website.

█ ███ █
███ ███

The first row is the letter "R" and the second row is letter "M". Not all letters of the Morse alphabet are symmetric or of equal length, so it was especially lucky how "RM" lined up so neatly like this. I would have preferred to use "RFM" but the letter "F" is not symmetric, nor of equal length to the others. If I included the "F" then the "RFM" glyph would look like this.

█ ███ █
█ █ ███ █
███ ███


I'm as fond of Braille as I am of Morse code, and yet I haven't found any way to render my name that looks particularly interesting with it.

Here for example is "rfm":


Or "Rupert Foggo McKay":


There's a nice little encoder for Braille at cable.ayra.ch/braille. Or you might like to try learning braille yourself at learn-braille.

Schläfli Symbols

The numbers of letters in each part of my name are as follows:

We can use these numbers in Schläfli symbols to generate various polytopes.

Order-5 Hexagonal Tiling Order-5-5 Hexagonal Honeycomb